The Terrace Hill Commission is the governing board for Terrace Hill, the Iowa Governor's Residence. The Terrace Hill Partnership is the non-profit organization for Terrace Hill. 

The Terrace Hill Commission

The Terrace Hill Commission is a nine-person board, appointed by the Governor of Iowa. The Commission provides preservation, maintenance, renovation, landscaping, and administration for Terrace Hill.

Terrace Hill Commission Members

Kristin Hurd, Chair
Kevin Reynolds
William Dikis
Brad Duffy
Jerry Mathiasen
Julie Stewart
Kasey Vogel

The Terrace Hill Partnership

The Terrace Hill Partnership is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

It raises funds to preserve and enhance the property and programs of Terrace Hill. 

The Partnership is also active in organizing events for the benefit of Terrace Hill.

Terrace Hill Partnership Members

Jeff Boeyink, President
Angel Grubb, At-Large Member
Kristin Hurd, Chair, Terrace Hill Commission
Elvin McDonald, Secretary
Denise Pierson, Treasurer
Kevin Reynolds, Ex-Officio Member
Rob Reinard, Vice President
Molly Thompson, Administrator, Terrace Hill

Iowa Code Reference

The Terrace Hill Commission is included in section 8A.326 of the Iowa Code (PDF).